We approach the design of every training programme with the following methodology:

Analysis of calls

We always take time to analyse a representative sample of calls from your organisation. This process enables us to identify specific training requirements. This also uncovers valuable, live call examples to address during the delivery stage of the training programme.

Construction of personalised training materials

Each delegate will receive a personalised workbook unique to that programme. This will be constructed around the exact scenarios your staff members encounter within your organisation. All training materials will be branded in your company's logo and the contents will be agreed with you before delivery.

Evaluating the success of training

We have extensive experience in assessing levels telephone quality. We use this expertise to measure the success of your bespoke training programme. When you employ TCTC to deliver a sales or service training programme, we will automatically include an assessment report at the conclusion of the programme. This report will be completed by assessing live calls from your business and will provide you with detailed, accurate analysis to measure the success of your training programme.

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Helpful Hints

‘Thank you for the excellent training programme you organised and ran for the Home Office Personnel Helpdesk. You invested time to identify our needs without the usual hard sell and were prepared to meet our requirements at such short notice. We learned many new tips to put into our helpdesk operation. 10 out of 10 for preparation and presentation.’

Personnel Manager, Home Office',