We understand the importance of service measurement. We can help you measure the levels of telephone quality within your business and our extensive experience can provide you with valuable management information to consistently improve the levels of telephone quality.

Assessment criteria / standards

We will work with you to construct exclusive assessment criteria for your telephone centre. These standards can then be used to assess your service levels on live calls or from contacts made by our mystery callers.

Recorded calls from your call centre

We complete the assessments using live calls taken from your centre. This will give you an independent, professional and accurate measurement of your service levels.

If recording is not an option please refer to our Mystery Calling service.

Your assessment report

We will present you with a comprehensive report on the assessment of your telephone operation. This report can provide you with a range of valuable information such as:

  • Overall quality levels across your centre / individual teams.
  • Key areas of service excellence.
  • Priority areas for service improvement.
  • Individual feedback on each area of the criteria i.e. call greetings, data protection, call control etc.
  • Statistical rankings on each area of the call criteria.
  • Comparisons to other organisations.

We can also deliver results presentations at the end of the assessment. This will ensure that every member of staff is made fully aware of their level of performance and key areas for further improvement.


If you do not have the option to record calls we can carry out a full remote evaluation of your levels of telephone quality using our team of mystery callers. This team will contact your centre and test levels of call quality using real life call scenarios. The scenarios are agreed in detail with you before calling commences. All calls are recorded and passed back to you along with your assessment report. This will enable you to provide detailed feedback to each member of your team while listening back to the call.

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‘Thank you for the excellent training programme you organised and ran for the Home Office Personnel Helpdesk. You invested time to identify our needs without the usual hard sell and were prepared to meet our requirements at such short notice. We learned many new tips to put into our helpdesk operation. 10 out of 10 for preparation and presentation.’

Personnel Manager, Home Office',