Our Client Projects

TCTC have successfully completed a wide range of training and assessment projects for a sigificant number of clients. Examples include:

Fidelity Investments – Training

We have been working with Fidelity since 1999, designing and delivering comprehensive training programmes for inbound service calls, outbound marketing calls to brokers as well as telephone etiquette on their induction programme. Recent projects include the creation of specialist training programmes on promoting the Fidelity proposition, up–selling and outbound calling to premium clients.

Zurich – Telephone Sales Training & Assessment

We have been working with various life divisions of Zurich since 2004 on an extensive range of telephone development projects. Our telephone sales programme started with the design and delivery of a comprehensive sales workshop for all new starters to the role of telephone sales consultant. This was followed by a successful programme of call analysis and 1–1 feedback sessions for up to 50 consultants at regional offices around the UK. The analysis was conducted partly on recorded calls and partly on live sales calls to brokers.

Zurich – E Support Telephone Training

We have designed and delivered a series of very specific training programmes tackling e–support issues over the telephone. Training was designed to take account of the high level of technical experience within the team as well as the impressive levels of existing telephone quality. Call analysis played a crucial part in this project both in the initial construction stage as well as in the delivery of continuous feedback for this specialised team over an 18 month period.

Zurich – Support Centre Telephone Quality & Training

We have designed and delivered a series of 4 hour workshops on telephone customer quality. 10 modules in all have been created, each entirely constructed to meet specific needs of the business. TCTC has also advised on the creation of new telephone standards which in turn led to the delivery of a comprehensive training programme for managers on how best to assess calls and deliver feedback. In addition we have delivered trainer training workshops for members of the internal training and quality teams.

Pilkington – Consultancy, Training & Assessment

We have worked with Pilkington since 2000 and initially completed the design and delivery of a series of telephone sales and service modules for staff at 20 sites around the UK. This unique training programme was constructed using the results of a mystery shop campaign and delivery was conducted in short modules to fit in with working hours at each site. All aspects of telephone customer service and sales were covered, and we also advised on the development of internal telephone standards. TCTC have since completed a series of further mystery shop exercises to measure long terms levels of telephone quality.

Allianz – Training & Assessment

We designed and delivered an outbound training programme with the specific aim of obtaining valuable feedback from brokers and clients. The training was completely unique to Allianz and was part of their companywide initiative on customer quality. Delivery was completed in half day modules, right across the UK in Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, London, Birmingham, Chelmsford, Maidstone, Basingstoke and Guildford.

Coca–Cola – Training

We were asked to create a bespoke training programme for all staff working on Coca–Cola's Consumer Care Line. This specialised training programme was delivered in two stages and took account of the unique nature of calls taken by the Consumer Care Team. The training covered all aspects of consumer care with particular emphasis on how to successfully handle some extremely challenging call situations over an wide range of consumer queries.

AON – Training & Mystery Calling

We have worked with various departments within AON since 2000. Projects have included mystery shopping, trainer training and telephone sales. We have also been employed by one of AON's clients, Apollo 2000, to complete an inbound sales training programme. This was designed, and ultimately successfully delivered, to increase conversions on the sales of high value electrical products.

Scottish Widows – Training

We conducted extensive on–site research in Edinburgh before designing and delivering a set of training modules unique to Scottish Widows. Separate workshops were designed for new and existing telephone advisors, with the focus of the training on making outbound sales calls to a number of key brokers.

Renault – Assessment & Training

We have worked with Renault UK on a number of training and assessment projects. The most extensive was a mystery calling programme for the UK Customer Service Team. We initially invested time to agree and present detailed call standards for this team. Using this criteria our team of experts assessed each mystery call and presented the results to each member of the team by way of individual coaching sessions.

Lucent Technologies – Training

We worked closely with Lucent in designing specialised training workshops for two helpdesk teams dealing with technical issues on calls from users in Germany, Spain and the UK. The workshops focussed on all aspects of quality customer care and telephone etiquette, as well as how to deal with difficult call situations. We have also conducted a number of follow up sessions for both teams.

Avaya Communications – Training & Internal Trainer Training

Following on from our successful training programme with Lucent, we were employed by Avaya to conduct a massive internal quality improvement programme. After conducting research from sites in France, Germany, Hungary and UK we designed an internal training programme for all customer facing Engineers. We then produced an internal trainer training package for a group of Senior Managers, who in turn delivered the training programme to approximately 400 staff across Europe & the Middle East Region. This programme now sets the quality standards for the entire region.

Legal & General – Consultancy & Training

We were initially asked to provide consultancy support for Legal & General's Pension Review Team based in Cardiff. This project took a practical look at how to improve all aspects of the team's telephone operation. A training programme was then designed and delivered to implement new telephone standards across the whole team.

Home Office – Training

An internal personnel department within the Home Office was looking for a training programme to assist with the development of telephone skills for a small number of HR professionals. TCTC were employed to deliver professional telephone etiquette workshops on site at the Home Office.

Volkswagen – Assessment

Following a referral from an existing client, we were contracted to complete a detailed assessment of telephone quality service levels at the VW Customer Service Centre. Our mystery callers made a large number of calls to the centre and our team of assessors then compiled a comprehensive report, providing valuable feedback on each operator's quality levels as well as the overall team performance.

Churchill Insurance – Consultancy & Training

We worked with Churchill on a number of training projects. The largest of these projects involved working closely with Churchill's internal training staff to develop a set of bespoke training modules. These modules were aimed at increasing the cross–selling of general insurance products by Customer Service staff. We designed and then delivered the first set of completely bespoke modules, before training internal training professionals to roll out–delivery to approximately 300 staff.

Mortgages Plc – Training

Following a referral from The Mortgage Operation, we were employed to design and deliver a professional telephone etiquette training programme for all customer–facing members of staff. The programme took account of internal and external telephone etiquette and included case studies on difficult call situations encountered by staff in real–life situations.

Cornhill Direct – Consultancy & Training

We have worked with Cornhill on a number of training projects starting with an outbound telesales training programme for new operators in Bristol. This programme was very practical with a heavy emphasis on role–play practice. The role–play exercises were constructed around real life call scenarios encountered at Cornhill Direct.

Hays DX – Training

We have worked with Hays since 1997. We were initially asked to design a series of training modules to be included in the company's internal quality academy. The programme focused on quality customer care by telephone and was delivered in two levels: foundation and advanced. Each member of staff had to reach a quality standard at the foundation level, before moving to the advanced level.

XO Communications – Consultancy & Training

We previously completed a programme of customer service training for XO, and were then asked to assist with the development of a team of telesales advisors. TCTC initially completed an in–depth consultancy project looking at all aspects of the telesales operation. This was followed by a comprehensive training programme on outbound telesales. The programme consisted of a series of bespoke training modules on all aspects of outbound sales calling. TCTC completed this programme by conducting a series of individual coaching sessions with each advisor on the sales team.

Mondial Assistance – Quality Service Assistance

We worked in partnership with Mondial conducting a series of telephone quality assessments for a number of their clients including BMW, Land Rover and Porsche. We also worked with the Team Managers from each department and delivered training programmes to help them measure the quality of their service calls on a long term basis.

Gartmore Investment Management – Training & Assessment

We have been working with Gartmore since 2001 on a range of long term training and assessment projects in sales and service. These programmes have included mystery calling as well as assessment of recorded calls. Our successful development programmes have led to one of the main inbound teams in London being awarded a prestigious financial service industry award for sales and service quality. Following the success of the telephone training programmes we were then invited to design and deliver a sales interviewing workshop for the field sales staff.

Rathbone Unit Trust Management – Training

Following a recommendation from Gartmore, Rathbones, one of the UK's most specialised and respected fund managers, selected TCTC to conduct an outbound sales training programme for a small team of 2 investment professionals. Our training programme took account of the unique nature of this team and was delivered in coaching form rather than traditional classroom based training. This approach ultimately produced impressive results.

Bank of Ireland – Training

Following a recommendation from NatWest we were asked to design a bespoke training programme on outbound sales calling for the business banking sector. This was a completely new venture for Bank of Ireland and our unique training programme enabled this specialised team to exceed their conversions targets during the entire 6 months of the training programme.

Bank of Valletta (BOV) – Malta Training & Consultancy

BOV chose TCTC over a host of other training providers to work in partnership with their senior project management team during the set up of their new centralised customer service centre. This was the first such centre in Malta. We conducted extensive research on site in Malta and then completed a series of recommendations presentations for the management team. We then designed and delivered a truly comprehensive 6 day training programme to cover all aspects of telephone sales and service. This programme was particularly successful in helping staff in the new centre adapt to the cultural needs of customers on the island. We have since continued to work in partnership with BOV, setting up consultancy and attachment projects for various members of staff in the UK.

Luton Borough Council (LBC) – Training

LBC went through a major restructure in 2002 which involved the amalgamation of a number of the council's service departments into a centralised service centre. TCTC were chosen to provide specialised skills training for all resident / customer facing council staff. This programme was unlike any we have designed in the past as it successfully tackled the unique nature of the aggressive and abusive situations staff at LBC have to deal with. The programme covered both telephone and face to face situations.

Pipex – Training & Assessment

Following the delivery of an extremely successful training programme for XO Communications we were chosen by Pipex to run similar programmes for 3 of their UK sites. We created an entirely practical–based, outbound telemarketing training programme which is being delivered over a 7 month period. Crucially, we constructed a new set of sales standards as well as a new quality evaluation programme for each site. This new set of standards ensures that the quality of sales calling will now be constantly measured on a weekly basis.

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‘Thank you for the excellent training programme you organised and ran for the Home Office Personnel Helpdesk. You invested time to identify our needs without the usual hard sell and were prepared to meet our requirements at such short notice. We learned many new tips to put into our helpdesk operation. 10 out of 10 for preparation and presentation.’

Personnel Manager, Home Office',