Telephone Training

Telephone Sales Training

Telephone Sales Training



We provide bespoke, onsite training for clients across a wide range of industry sectors. Listed below are examples of the service based programmes we deliver:

· Professional Telephone Etiquette

· Telephone Customer Care

· Customer Experience

· Handling Telephone Complaints

· Handling Challenging Customer Demands

· Professional Outbound Call Etiquette

· Promoting the Proposition

· Remote Web Navigation by Telephone

· Net Promoter Score - Gathering Client Feedback 

 · Up-selling on Inbound Calls  

Before creating your training programme we will analyse a selection of recorded calls from your business.

Each delegate will receive a personalised workbook which will contain feedback from our call analysis as well as selected extracts from your calls to be used as case studies.  We may also identify call recordings to be played back to the delegates during the training.

Telephone Sales Training

Telephone Sales Training

Telephone Sales Training



We have created an extensive range of Telephone Sales & Marketing 

programmes which include:

· Outbound Sales Calling 

· Outbound Video Calling

· Introductions & Cold Calling

· Initial Objections 

· Successful Information Gathering

· Sales Presentations 

· Interest & Buying Signals

· Gaining Agreement 

· Objection Success

· Inbound Telephone Sales

· Advanced Inbound Telephone Sales

As with the process for Telephone Training we will analyse a selection of your recorded sales calls prior to training delivery.  Where call recordings are unavailable we can arrange for your delegates to make test calls with your dedicated TCTC Consultant at our office.

The personalised delegate workbook will contain selected extracts from your sales calls to highlight areas of brilliance already displayed by your team.  We will also identify examples and phrases used during sales calls which need to be improved.